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Jans Canyon
Peerless Cement
Kings Mill
The PH&N RR - An S Scale model railroad set in the 1957-1960 time frame. The railroad provides rail service from Detroit to Bay City and country towns through the state of Michigan. It's a bright morning on the Port Huron & Northern as a local freight, pulled by a GT 0-6-0, heads toward the wye at Tappan Junction and on to Port Huron (Photo above) . Due to a shortage of motive power on the north end of the railroad, the 0-6-0 was ordered into regular freight service.   A CN FP9A-B lash-up, running below on the MC Mainline, leads a crack passenger train from Detroit, through Jan's Canyon, on its way to the passenger station in Bay City.
Photos by David Held                For comments or additional information contact      PH&N District Manager
Right - Peerless Cement, located on the north end of Port Huron, is one of the largest industries on the railroad. Dunn Paper and Mueller Brass are beyond Peerless Cement. The PH&N mainline, in the foreground, continues north through Attica, Bay Port, Bad Axe and Grindstone City on its scheduled daily run through Michigan.

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Left - PH&N #406, a 2-8-0 Consolidation, cautiously approaches the home signal leaving Kings Mill.
The signal indicates a clear track for either the PH&N mainline to Grindstone City or access to the hidden return loop that runs to Tappan Junction. This feature allows continuous running within the point-to-point railroad.