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Dequindre Cut

Water Towers







This 1986 photo was taken looking north from the Division Street overpass. The track below was the route of the GTW passenger and commuter trains that ran from Brush Street Station to Royal Oak, Pontiac and Durand.  The Rickel & Co. silos still stand and are being used by Archer-Daniels- Midland. Note the rail spur in the lower right of the photograph.  This passage has since been converted to a walking/bike path running from Jefferson, north to Gratiot and the Eastern Market.
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Dequindre Cut






This 1999 photo, right, looking south, was taken from where the Rickel & Co. silos once stood (rubble on the left).



Dequindre Cut























Right - 2-8-0 #406 enters the Dequindre Corridor, passes under East Grand Blvd. headed toward the Michigan Central freight yards. Below - Dequindre Cut with the Detroit Brewery and Schmidt's Brewery on the right and background.




PH&N #406   PH&N #406

PH&N #406, an SHS Consolidation, passes through the Dequindre Cut in front of the Detroit Brewing Co. and under Adelaide Street.

Dequindre Cut_11   PH&N 2-8-0 #406

Above view looking down the Dequindre Cut toward Milwaukee
Junction. The Adelaide Street bridge carries auto traffic over the tracks to the industrial customers on Merchandise Row.


PH&N #406, freshly serviced at Milwaukee Junction, returns to
the MC departure track to pick up a peddler freight heading north.



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