Detroit-Milwaukee Junction
GTW Engine Terminal in Detroit  




Milwaukee Junction

Above - Milwaukee Junction on the PH&N RR. Below - Prototype photos of Milwaukee Junction as it was in 1981. The sand towers and fueling facilities were still in use.  Steam was long gone as was the roundhouse and service facilities that supported the steam era. The machine shop portion of the roundhouse was still used, probably for storage (visible behind the fuel and sand towers.  Freight rail traffic into Detroit had been dropping steadily, and  SEMTA, the local transit line that ran from Brush Street Station in downtown Detroit, through Royal Oak, and on to Pontiac was being phased out.  By 1980 the bulk of the rail traffic ran east, west and north of Milwaukee Junction.      All photos by David Held.


Acme Paint

Sand Tower




















Sand Towers






















Sand Tower























Photos above and right - Locomotive service facilities still standing, unused in these 2002 photos. The GM Poletown Plant is visible in the background.

Photo below on the PH&N, Pere Marquette #1225 passes through Milwaukee Junction and past National Can on it's way to the PM/C&O yard in Detroit.


PM Berk 1225















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