Detroit-West Jefferson Ave.




West Jefferson was a very busy industrial area through the 1950s. The photos below show what's remaining of the area, 50 years later. Some of the buildings are occupied by small industries, but most are abandoned.  The viaduct approach and abutment are still there but the viaduct was removed with the demolition of the depot in 1973.

The time frame of the PH&N is set in 1957 -1960.  The model try's to capture West Jefferson Avenue as it was at that time. Most of the railroads that serviced the area had changed to diesel power, except for the Grand Trunk Western which maintained a fleet of Pacifics, Mikados, and switchers till the end in 1960. All photos by David Held


West Jefferson


This 2004 photo is looking west from behind the U.S.Post office. The concrete abutment, barely visible on the left, is all that remains of the West Jefferson Viaduct.


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W. Jefferson looking east












This 1996 photo (right) looking east on West Jefferson.  The Viaduct approach is on the right. Patchwork covering an old rail spur is barely visible in the foreground. This is, one of many spurs that once crossed West Jefferson to access local businesses. Industrial buildings are on the left and downtown Detroit is visible in the background.


West Jefferson ruins




Left - 1996 - Looking west along the FSUD approach tracks. Passenger car storage and maintenance was on the left and West Jefferson Avenue is on the right. The Ambassador Bridge is visible in the far distance


Below -1986 - Buildings on West Jefferson still occupied in this late 1980s  photos.  That's the Hudson warehouse in the background.  Fronts of these buildings face Fort Street.


West Jefferson Bldgs.








Photos below - West Jefferson as modeled on the PH & N. Looking west toward Milwaukee Junction, the  Hudson Warehouse (NASG Factory Kit) is on the right followed by a series of individual building flats (kit bashed and scratch built).  Viaducts over the tracks in the distance indicate the start of the Dequindre Cut.


West Jefferson








West Jefferson












West Jefferson












Above - The Ambassador Bridge passes over West Jefferson and the railroad yards on the prototype.



West Jefferson








PH&N #406 leaving the MC yard for servicing at Milwaukee Junction. West Jefferson Ave. Is in the background. The spur track, lined with gondolas, services the Edison Plant industries along West Jefferson and near the F.S.U.D.











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