Detroit-West Jefferson Ave.




    The Port Huron & Northern RR captures West Jefferson Avenue as it was in the 1957 - 1960 time period. West Jefferson provided access to a very busy industrial area during the 1950s and 60s. The photos below show what remained of the area 40 to 50 years later. Some of the buildings are occupied by small industries, but most are abandoned.  The viaduct approach and abutment still exist but the viaduct structure was removed with the demolition of the depot in 1973.        Photos by David Held


W. Jefferson looking east







Left photo - looking east on West Jefferson taken in 1996..  The Viaduct approach is on the right. Patchwork covering an old rail spur is barely visible in the foreground. This is, one of many spurs that once crossed West Jefferson to access local businesses. Industrial buildings are on the left and downtown Detroit is visible in the far background.



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West Jefferson






Right photo - December 1994 - looking east along the FSUD approach tracks. Jefferson Ave. is on the far left. The second approach track is barely visible through the weeds and grass. The yard area on the right is now used to store tank cars.



West Jefferson ruins










Left photo - March 1996 - looking west along the FSUD approach tracks. Passenger car storage and maintenance were on the left. West Jefferson Avenue is to the far right of the tracks. The Ambassador Bridge is visible in the far distance



West Jefferson








Photo right - December 1994 - the Ambassador Bridge passes over West Jefferson and the railroad yards on the prototype.




West Jefferson










West Jefferson as modeled on the Port Huron & Northern, looking west toward the Rickel Silos and Milwaukee Junction. Background images composed of Fort Street building photos as seen from West Jefferson. Street is lined with individual structure building flats, kit bashed and scratch built. 



West Jefferson Bldgs.






Photo right - buildings on West Jefferson were still occupied in this 1986  photo.  The Hudson warehouse on the far right.  The fronts of these buildings face Fort Street.




West Jefferson










Photo left - PH&N #406 leaving the Michigan Central yard for servicing at Milwaukee Jct. West Jefferson Ave. is on the left. The Hudson warehouse is in the background, right. NYC box car on the left is servicing a local industry on West Jefferson Avenue.


West Jefferson









Pere Marquette #1225 with a local freight leaving the Michigan Central (NYC) Freight Yard in Detroit, crossing West Jefferson Ave. on its way to Milwaukee Junction, Port Huron and on to Grindstone City. The Canadian National passenger train, with an FP9 A unit and F7-B unit on point departs F.S.U.D. bound for points south.