Express Rail Service from Port Huron to Detroit, Bay City & Grindstone City
King's Mill
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Kings Mill was a thriving community into the early 1900s.  Its principle industry was a sawmill located southwest of the railroad station.  Kings Mill also boasted a general store, gas station and a large flour mill.  The Kings Mill station (left) served the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern until the 1920s when it was moved to an unknown destination. Today, the town is served by a small grocery/variety store across the street from the old gas station now used as a storage facility.


Storage shed









Kings Mill lies between Bad Axe and Grindstone City on the PH&N RR. Focal points include a large grain elevator and storage facility, Structures were fabricated using a foam core base covered with the appropriate siding material.  Walls were fashioned from basswood board & batten siding and the roof made up of styrene strips.    Photo by Brooks Stover



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Storage shedStorage shed




Roof and sides of the storage shed were covered with heavy paper printed to simulate corrugated steel siding.  Doors were fashioned from strip wood. The windows are standard castings from Grandt Line Products.


Kings Mill 1

Kings Mill 1








(Left) GTW Caboose #77168 is parked on the PH&N main during the routine switching moves by a GT 0-6-0 at the Kings Mill Grainery.




















(Right) Routine switching moves on the PH&N RR main at the Kings Mill grainery.










Kings Mill 1











(Left) Consolidation, #406, passes by the Kings Mill Elevator (behind the trees on the right) with a local freight headed for Bad Axe and the towns south. Sidings on the left access the Grindstone City Yard.