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Peerless Cement








Photo from Patric Dorin's "Grand Trunk Western Railroad" taken by Emery Gulash in 1971 shows the old Edison Depot in the middle of the Peerless complex. A new, two story station was built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1907. It was located west of this location at the Tunnel Yard and demolished in 1973.







Edison Depot










January. 2003 photo of the Thomas Edison Depot Museum restored below the two spans of the Bluewater Bridge. The wooden baggage car has also been restored to its original condition and houses museum exhibits.
Photos by David Held








Peerrless Cement



Bluewater Bridge




The Peerless Cement Plant was built in 1924 on the site of old Fort Gratiot. The plant was demolished in 1973. The fort was built in the early 1800s and occupied from 1814 until 1879. (left photo)


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Peerless Cement







The walls and roof of the model were constructed from .80 styrene sheet.  Cement silos were fabricated from PVC pipe with details added.  The Power House and large smoke stack are from HO kits slightly altered and painted the "cement color" as were the prototype buildings. Closer models on the right represent Dunn Paper and Mueller Brass.



Peerless Cement





Peerless Cement
























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