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Michigan Coal Production   





Pere Marquette Mine






Saginaw Michigan 1957 Population 92,918.



An old photo of a coal mine near Saginaw, Michigan, which produced coal for Pere Marquette steam locomotives.  [Mark Worrall collection].  Pere Marquette had coal mines southwest of the City of Saginaw, in Fordney as well as near Bay City.  The specific location of this mine is not known.

(Prototype information and photos copied from Michigan's Internet Railroad History Museum)













"SALSBURG MINE. -- Is owned by the Salzburg Coal Company. This shaft was sunk in 1902 and has been hoisting coal steadily since October of that year. The quality of coal taken from the mine is excellent for domestic use, being free from sulphur. It is managed by Alex Zagelmeyer, of Bay City. Superintendent, John Callahan, has an escape shaft in connection with the main shaft which has a good stairway in it. Also two good wash houses, heated by steam and furnished with hot and coldl water to wash with. It is ventilated by means of a fan twelve feet in diameter. The ventilation of the mine is good and the only reason that there may be some places that are cloudy is on account of the miners not cutting break-throughs opposite each other and not making them of sufficient width and height. Found several break-throughs with so much slate piled up in front of them that it was nearly impossible to squeeze through. This is not the only mine in Bay county where it is a common practice to make a break-through and before another one is made to have it filled up with slate."


Auburn Coal Mine

Saltsberg Mine






















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